We, Zoie and Beau, live on the Central Coast in New South Wales. Currently we share our home with two amazing Bernese, Kaiser and Kora, as well as Loki a Great Dane, Echo a German Shepherd and two rescue cats, Raine a Ragdoll and Jynx a Tortie. Yes, we are a tad animal crazy!

As a young girl, I first saw a Bernese Mountain Dog at Palm Beach. He was laying on the ground with young children gathered all around him. I remember being absolutely in awe of this amazing bear looking dog who was so calm and gentle. From that moment on, I always knew I needed a Bernese in my life. Fast forward to 2011, when my now husband and I first moved in together, we went out and found an amazing breeder in Emma Sankey from Zollikon Bernese Mountain Dogs and were lucky enough to be given one of her babies, Kaiser. He is everything we could have hoped for and we have been obsessed with the breed ever since. 

In 2015, we approached Emma about the possibility of her allowing us another of her babies so that we could start our own breeding program, which has been a dream of ours for years and years. Amazingly we were granted this amazing opportunity and welcomed Kora into our home. Her sassy and confident personality makes her the most perfect foundation bitch for our breeding program.

I, Zoie have extensive knowledge of dogs having worked as a successful dog trainer in Sydney since 2011. I now manage a 5 star Pet Resort on the Central Coast, so it is safe to say that dogs are not only my passion but my life.

In breeding, we want to produce pups that are sound in both health and temperament. While we are just a small kennel, we produce high quality pups that are well and truly worth the wait.

Kasier & Zoie

Kasier & Zoie