Breeding can be a complex task and not all mating's result in a litter. Please note, all planned litters are litters we are hopeful will come to fruition. Potential puppy owners on our wait list will be notified if and when a pregnancy is confirmed. 

Upcoming Litters:

We are hopeful for a litter towards the end of 2018. 

*** As of May 2018, our wait list for our 2018 and 2019 litters are completely full. We will NOT be taking any more people on our waitlist as we like to keep it small and realistic. 

Our Puppy Process:

In each litter of puppies there will be a range of different markings and personalities produced. At Valkirie, we aim to match all of our puppies to suitable homes based on personalities first and then by preferred markings. We think the most important thing is to ensure that you get the personality type you are after in a puppy which means we will only home a puppy if we believe it is the perfect fit. You may like a certain puppies markings overs others but looks are not everything. In the end you will be happier with another puppy if their personality suits your lifestyle better.

While we do take a wait list for each litter, choice is not offered on a first in best dressed basis as we have a wide variety of things to consider when placing our puppies into their forever homes. As mentioned above, puppies go to home based on personality suitability. We will only place a puppy with you if we believe we have a suitable puppy for what you are after in a dog. True personality types to not appear until around 6 weeks of age, so we appreciate your patience in the first few weeks. We will not be able to tell you which puppy, if any, is yours until after the 6 week mark. Between 6 and 8 weeks we will communicate with owners to let you know if we will be placing a puppy with you and which puppy will be yours.

Puppies are often referred to as pet quality or show quality. Not all puppies can be classes as show quality, which means the large majority of Valkirie puppies will go to pet homes. The only two things that actually disqualify a puppy from being able to be shown at exhibitions are "ground colour other than black" (not be be confused with brownish or grayish puppy coats) and "blue eye/s". In saying this, there are certainly different confirmations in Bernese and it is the finer details of confirmation that I look for in a show/breeding quality dog. I do not feel that you should be able to breed or show just any old dog. When I am selecting a show quality dog, I am looking at structure, bone size, head shape and then markings as the least important thing.

Given what I have said above, it is vitally important that I stress that a pet quality dog does not mean a low quality dog. I myself own a pet quality Bernese who is a lovely, social, confident, well marked and healthy dog. The majority of Valkirie puppies leave for pet homes. If you are set on a particularly marked puppy, you must be prepared to wait for the right puppy, which might mean waiting for a litter down the track and not just the next puppy available.

On occasion I may ask a puppy buyer to consider allowing their pet to remain in the Valkirie breeding program. This may be because the puppy is displaying characteristics (both physically and behaviourally) that we wish to continue on our kennel and we would like to keep our options open for that puppy. This option is only taken if we believe we have a special relationship with the puppy buyer. Please note, all other puppies are sold on limited registers and MUST contractually be desexed between 12 - 18 months of age (no earlier or later) and we do not permit the breeding of any Valkirie dogs by anyone other than ourselves.

A house is not a home without a Bernese Mountain Dog!”